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As you invest in digital marketing, you need to have solid evidence that your investment is actually worth it. You need proof that your online marketing is actually converting leads into sales, and that your business is truly growing.

Our digital marketing strategy creates funnels to track and optimize your conversion rates using best-in-class CRO practices. These funnels will be ever-evolving to continuously and measurably improve your conversion rates, increasing your return on investment over the term of our agreement. 

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Consulting & Strategy

With decades of combined experience in the digital marketing industry and a team featuring individuals with different niches of expertise, the SEO Flash Mob is fully prepared to consult with you on how to grow your business to life.

We will work with you strategically to provide website and digital marketing recommendations and to improve conversion rates and help you get the most out of your marketing budget. What’s the point of marketing anyway, if it doesn’t lead to real conversions? 

When you work with the SEO Flash Mob, we will liaise with you regularly to ensure you are clear on how it all works, where your money is going, and what progress is being made. Our efforts will be calculated and measurable.

Still not sure which of our Digital Marketing Services you need to get your business growing? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help you make a customized marketing plan for your business. Request a personalized, no-obligation estimate to get started.  

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High Converting websites

We create high-converting look-and-feel designs with flexible layouts that adapt to the capabilities of the wide variety of devices and screen sizes on today’s market. We design iteratively using industry-renowned Content Management System, WordPress, combined with HTML, custom CSS, and complete with powerful plugins.

Throughout our design process, you’ll have weekly opportunities to review our work and provide feedback, so we can fine tune the website as we go. 

WordPress, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

We deliver websites developed within a WordPress framework, supplemented by HTML5markup, CSS2.1 + 3 stylesheets for styling, and unobtrusive JavaScript for feature detection, poly-fills and behaviors. 

Translation: within weeks, you get a high-functioning, cutting edge website that more than meets modern trends and standards. 

Desktop Browser Testing

Responsive web design is an absolute must in today’s ever advancing tech climate. 

A person’s experience on a website often plays a key role in determining whether or not his visit will be converted into the desired action (a sale, sign-up, or whatever your goal may be). Our thorough testing checks to make sure no user will slip through the cracks, and your website will perform seamlessly on whatever platform your audience may be using. 

In view of this, we test our work in current versions of major desktop browsers including those made by Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Edge), and Mozilla (Firefox). 

We’ll also test to ensure Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and 9 Windows users get an appropriate, possibly different, experience. We’ll implement a single column design for Internet Explorer 7 and below for Windows, but we won’t test in other older browsers unless you specify otherwise.

Mobile Browser Testing

With the modern user generally accessing the web via smart phone or tablet, testing popular small-screen devices is an essential step in ensuring that each member of your audience has equally good access to your website. 

We test our web work to make sure it responsively supports:

  • iOS: Safari, Chrome
  • Android : Chrome, Samsung Browser, Firefox
Post-Design Web Upkeep

Just like your brick and mortar office, your website will need continued maintenance to have longevity and continued functionality. This is true, no matter how good the initial design is. 

After the site has been launched, we will be available to make continual updates and changes to content and design as needed. This will ensure your website always looks fresh and the periodic addition of new content will help your site rank high on search engines. 

Weekly Backups & Security Features

Since the SEO Flash Mob will automatically create weekly backups for your website, you can rest easy knowing your website is safe and sound. Under our techy eagle eyes, your website will be kept secure at all times according to the most up-to-date security standards available.

Website Hosting

No website can exist without being hosted on a server. Still, the sheer amount of hosting options on today’s web market is enough to make any business owner dizzy. 

A poorly selected hosting option can sadly equate frequent downtime for your website and business email. Experiencing such down time is not just inconvenient, but also unprofitable. Not to mention the frustrating time inevitably spent on tech support lines trying to pinpoint where the problem is. 

The SEO Flash Mob refuses to waste our time and yours with unreliable servers. That’s why we have invested in state-of-the-art, cloud based servers for hosting our client’s websites. These are among the fastest, most secure, and most reliable servers available on the market. 

We understand that your business is your livelihood. You cannot afford downtime on your website! 


Social Media Management

Maintaining professional and well-kept social media accounts is another big challenge for many a busy business owner. 

Our social media experts will manage your social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever accounts you are using. We include professionally designed posts and coordinated campaigns in order to grow your following and connect with your target audience.

Regular, unique posts will be planned and scheduled, to ensure continual engagement with your current potential client base. 

We will measure social media effectiveness through analytics in conjunction with your website to show acquisitions and conversions and then refine our efforts based on results.

Ramp Up Your Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

For most business owners, Search Engine Optimization is an undefined concept. Thankfully, our approach to digital marketing de-mystifies such intimidating technical terms and makes them ‘small business owner friendly’. 

Basically, the key function of SEO lays in its name; search engine optimization. It describes the process of optimizing a website to maximize its ranking on major search engines, such as Google with the goal of increasing meaningful website traffic. 

Modern digital marketing analysts recommend a variety of approaches that range from taking a scientific approach to taking an emotional approach. 

With a scientific-based approach, a SEO team may focus on understanding of how Google ‘looks’ at a website (in code an algorithms) and decides whether or not to give it a high ranking on a page of search results will then take these factors into consideration throughout the web design and content writing process. For example, using outbound links, writing meticulous meta data, as well as many other SEO tactics may be used to capture Google’s attention and assert a website as valid and important. 

With an emotional-based approach, a SEO team may place more importance on how humans use search engines like Google, trying to anticipate what a person might punch into a search bar, sometimes even before said user is aware that they need a service or product. The team might write a blog post or page on a website that includes strategic keywords that might end up funneling traffic to your website, even if the user is not yet aware that they could be in need of your services. 

For example, your auto repair shop could have a blog post about “What to do if My Car is Leaking Oil?” or “Top 5 Ways to Increase Gas Mileage”. These titles and posts would naturally include key words that car owners are organically searching in Google, and they may land on your website, even before they know that it’s in their best interest to bring their car to your shop for a service. By the end of their visit to your site, it could convert into a sale, and they may be calling you up for an oil change appointment. 

Here at the SEO Flash Mob, we like to combine these two approaches, leaning to neither extreme, but ensuring all of our bases our covered. We work on the back end of your website, optimizing the behind the scenes nuts and bolts to make sure everything is ‘Google approved’. Then, as we write content for the pages and blog posts on your site, we make sure important key words are included, anticipating your potential client’s thoughts, without being too obviously focused on ranking high through key words alone. We structure each page and post in a SEO-friendly way, careful not to miss an opportunity to boost your Google ranking. 

Beyond that, we’ll send you audits, analysis, and updates to help you see how your site’s ranking is improving over time. We will conduct ongoing analysis of your website from an SEO perspective and make adjustments accordingly.

This includes: 

  • Keyword optimization
  • Readability as it relates to search engine ranking
  • Crawl access
  • Content creation
  • User interface and user experience
  • Title and URL analysis
  • Snippet / schema markups
  • and more to optimize your site’s SEO

We aim for getting you as far up as possible on the first page of Google search results when key words related to your company are searched for by potential clients in your area. 

Increase YourSearch Engine Visibility

Analytics Reporting & Recommendations

When you market with the SEO Flash Mob, we keep you in the loop every step of the way. Our efforts will be qualified and quantified, reassuring you that your investment is not going up in smoke, but rather returning to your pocket. 

We will generate transparent, monthly analytics reports garnered through Google Analytics, Smartlook, Social Insider, Crystal.ai, Zoho Social, and other providers we identify based on your needs. Our personalized, easy to understand analytics reports are the result of a concentrated effort to provide insights into the work we’ve put in on a monthly basis, so it can be tailored to maximize your ROI. 

This type of reporting holds our team accountable, making sure your marketing budget is well spent and that we’ve made true on our word when it comes to the deliverables we have promised. 

We closely monitor your analytics to create customized, comprehensive reports and then make ourselves available to review those with you, providing recommendations when needed. 

Let’s work together! We’re excited to dramatically elevate your digital marketing.

Get Valuable InsightsTo Grow Your Business

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine marketing is a relatively straight-forward, low-cost, and proven effective way to advertise your business and more easily target your actual audience.

Say, for example, you are a lawyer specializing in personal injury cases in Seattle, WA. You want to make sure that every time someone in the area punches something like “personal injury lawyer” or “Seattle personal injury attorney” into a Google search, your business pops up in the top search results. 

In fact, just try punching ‘personal injury lawyer in Seattle’ into the Google search bar. Check out the first few results. You’ll notice all of the results at the very top of the page (perhaps the top 3 or so) have a little green box to specify that those results are actually an ‘ad’. That means that business has invested in Pay Per Click ads associated with the keywords they want to target. These ads are likely to capture the attention of someone looking for a lawyer far before the 10th or even 5th result is considered. 

How does PPC advertising work? Marketing-Schools.org describes it as “a method of purchasing targeted advertising space on Internet platforms that takes advantage of organic search terms. Advertisers pay the owners of a web space, such as a search engine results page or a specific webpage, a certain amount of money each time an Internet user clicks on their specific ad… That advertiser’s website appears higher in search engine results, allowing a smaller company to boost their visibility”. 

The SEO Flash Mob will help you determine where and how to advertise your site, whether via Google or Facebook, as well as do custom research on what specific key words your potential clients may be typing into the Google search bar when they are seeking out services you provide. 

When you opt for PPC advertising, we will create and manage your pay per click Google Ads for you, tailored to your target demographics. We will use techniques such as A/B variant testing to generate increasingly better results. We will run these ads on a data driven feedback loop to reduce your cost per click over time, generating increasingly improved results for less money.


Blog Writing & Management

Most passionate business owners have many hats to wear and often many things to juggle at once. The inbox is always full, and the ‘to do list’ is ever plentiful. You are an expert in your field, but taking time to write about your niche of knowledge in blog form may feel like the last thing you have time for.  Beyond that, many business owners feel that writing is simply not their thing, or if it is, writing in a way that can rank high on Google remains a mystery.

Yes, for these and many other reasons, blogs are generally the quickest thing on a website to be put on the back burner by business owners everywhere. 

Why have a blog anyway?  Google sizes up the value of your website partly based whether or not your website has been updated with fresh content periodically. Simply creating a website and letting it sit without ever adding anything new is as good as handing your website a SEO death sentence. 

Still, not just any new content is good. A blog posts needs to be relevant to your audience, well-written (nothing says ‘unprofessional’ like a typo), and SEO conscious. Having a blog is a crucial step to targeting and engaging with your audience. 

Our team’s specialized SEO writer will conduct keyword research for your industry and draft compelling articles designed to drive organic traffic to your website. Each post will be painstakingly researched, to ensure for accuracy, and feature outbound links to trusted sources as well as inbound links within the website, featuring services your company provides in line with the topic. 

This approach is data driven, measurable, and extremely powerful in the long-term at ranking your site to your desired demographics and target markets. Articles will be based on keywords your market searches for and pinpointed to specific geographic areas that we identify as being particularly relevant to your company. 

We will design calls-to-action within your blog posts to drive visitors to specific places on your website and compel them to take specific action, such as making an appointment or coming to your showroom. We will measure and adjust content and layouts according to effectiveness on an ongoing basis, while managing your tags and categories.

gain traction on search enginesand in your industry

Conversion Rate Optimization

As you invest in digital marketing, you need to have solid evidence that your investment is actually worth it. You need proof that your online marketing is actually converting leads and potentials into actual sales, and that your business is truly growing. 

Our digital marketing strategy creates funnels to track and optimize your conversion rates using best-in-class CRO practices. These funnels will be ever-evolving to continuously and measurably improve your conversion rates, increasing your return on investment over the term of our agreement.

Improve YourMarketing Efficiency

Tech Support

The SEO Flash Mob tirelessly provides ongoing technical support as needed. No business can predict what miscellaneous tech issues will arise. As questions come up related to your digital marketing or website, we will draw on our professional experience, expertise and resourcefulness to answer your questions and solve even your most puzzling tech issues. 

We are never more than a quick text, email, or phone call away.

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